The Red Frog Way
ensuring strong values drive our work

Red Frog Way

We boldly aspire to make a positive impact on the world, be the crown jewel of our industry, and stay healthy and thriving for 100+ years. Bringing this vision to life takes passionate people and a shared way that unites us.  We call it our “Red Frog Way” and it’s the secret sauce that leads us onward and upward.


It begins with kindness at our core. We do the right thing and give back in a big way.


We rise to the occasion. With resilience and contagious optimism, we push forward.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ask ‘why’. Dream big. Dive in. Make mistakes. Repeat.

Red Frog Proud

Those soak-it-in moments when it all comes together. It started with The Texas Miracle.

Frog Family

Road trips, growing pains, occasional cry laughs*, and not letting each other fail - that’s why we call ourselves family.

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Our last way celebrates individuality.

After all, we’re each as unique as a Panamanian red frog.

*Condition: laughing so hard your eyes tear. Symptoms heightened during late work hours, tight deadlines, and extreme weather. Treatment is sleep.