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working within our home away from home

Camp Red Frog

Camp Red Frog is located in Chicago's River North neighborhood. This Ohio Street haven is designed to fuel creativity and innovation while fostering a productive workplace. Sure, we have a bocce ball court and foosball tables, but we’re also proud of our themed meeting rooms and office resources that allow us to crank out exceptional work on what can often be a short timetable. Camp, as we call it, is our home away from home. Scroll down the page to take a digital tour of our office!  

Front Desk

Walk through our front doors and you’ll always be greeted with a “Hey! Welcome to Red Frog!”

Canoe Conference Room

This meeting space was inspired by the canoe that hangs overhead the pictured oar table above. The Red Frog branded canoe was given to Joe and Ryan as a gift, so we decided to build a meeting room around it! Complete with white board walls and plenty of sunlight, this meeting room is popular for its warmth and spirit of adventure.

Foosball Tables

These hallowed fixtures of metal and plastic are undoubtedly the most popular features in the entire office. Sure, we do work at Red Frog, but this is where business happens. The foosball table goes hand-in-hand with spirited shouts of agony and victory, but no matter who wins, high fives are always shared between opponents. These tables see league play, exhibition play, and standing rivalries, some that have lasted for over a year.

Mason Jar Conference Room

Our fishbowl conference room embodies the sprit of Red Frog as a whole. The hanging mason jars (located just above the table) serve an important role as a symbol for one of our core brands, Firefly Music Festival. Complete with soda, beer, and two transparent walls, our fishbowl conference room provides a great place to meet with visiting guests.

Lego Room

When you come into Red Frog for an in-person interview, there’s a good chance it will take place in our signature Lego room. Yes, the entire table is made of Legos, over 50,000 to be exact (well, kind of exact). And yes, Legos do occasionally fall off.


This camper was the very first thing that went into our first floor office; we had to knock out the side of the building to fit it inside. The camper serves as a great space for holding a small meeting, or closing the door to get some work done in quiet. It used to be a fully operational vehicle, toilet and all, though the smell is long gone!

High-Five Hands

Need a boost of encouragement? Our high-five hands are the perfect way to spread positivity if a friendly coworker isn’t around. These office staples are about the closest you can get to a self-high-five while still looking cool. Two sets of hands give Red Froggers five chances to pass themselves good vibes.

Mess Hall

Our Mess Hall is one of the most versatile rooms in the neighborhood. This chameleon of an office space houses Family Lunch every Monday and has held polka bands, Christmas parties, networking mixers, all-company wrap-ups, and endless karaoke. When it’s not the center of attention, our Mess Hall enjoys providing granola bars, drinks, and fresh fruit to passers-by.


Red Froggers love staying active and healthy throughout the work week. “Jim,” our in-office gym, is a place to visit whenever it’s convenient throughout a day. Frogs can workout on cardio or lifting equipment, with free weights, or by grabbing some friends and a fitness DVD!