We won the experience of a lifetime from Red Frog Events. Lauren and I flew just below the equator to Brasil for Habitat for Humanity. In eight days we built a house, met the nicest people, and even learned a little Portuguese, obrigado very much.

Our job site was an hour away from the city of Recife. The weather was great all week with nice January, summer-like temperatures. Chicago during the summer is actually more humid than in Recife. The best way to describe the food is a combination of cheap and delicious, not to mention the beer was always kept in a freezer. In other words, I was happy, so happy. I can’t believe Red Frog gave us this trip.

The end was bitter sweet. We had to leave a group of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Our language barrier didn’t matter. Lauren and I talked with the families and workers with an “obrigado” and in return they said, “thank you.” This simple show of appreciation through a few words will always have a profound and positive affect on my perspective of this world.

Why give us this trip? It costs money and productivity to travel away from Camp Red Frog. It took me a few days after coming back to realize what exactly the Habitat Trip was for. Joe and Ryan want Froggers to not only make money here. They want us to grow as people, experience life, and be happy. The Red Frog opportunity to travel and see the world, even as the Techie that I am, is a great way to experience those things and more.

To all the Frogs in Camp, your hard work and dedication gifted Lauren and I with the trip of a lifetime. There is no way I would have been able to experience the Southern Hemisphere had it not been for your giving spirit. You make this company a special place filled with never-ending, phenomenal experiences. You make this company a Family. You make me happy.


Eric “EZ”