Our Culture
our employees come from all over the world

What Makes Us, Us

While all of our employees come from different backgrounds, we have a few things in common: we’re kind-hearted, team players to the core and we love to laugh. What makes an ideal Red Frogger isn’t years of experience or number of events planned, it’s the ability to lead, innovate, and laugh when you’re thrown into new situations every day. It’s the ability to create remarkable work, world-class events, and lasting friendships with a team of hard-working people that have a common goal in mind.


Ask us what the best part about working at Red Frog is, and we’ll answer: the people. Since our people are the most prized office feature at Red Frog, we’re dedicated to providing what we call the “World’s Best Benefits” package to our full-time employees. Health, flexibility, and financial stability allow our employees to focus on pursuing their passions and completing exceptional work both in and out of the office.




Apart from all of our engaging office features, all Red Froggers receive day-to-day office perks within Camp Red Frog including:

Food and Drink Perks

  • » Family style catered lunch every Monday paid for by Red Frog Events
  • » Fresh fruit,  granola bars, and other snacks delivered weekly (Red Froggers never go hungry!)
  • » Candy stations throughout the office
  • » Unlimited soda, energy drinks, coffee, and beer for late nights and early mornings
  • » Frequent happy hours and after work gatherings

In-Office Perks

  • » Foosball tables, Bocce ball, ping pong, pop-a-shot and more
  • » Access to our in-office gym (“Jim”) and showers
  • » Intramural sports leagues with coworkers
  • » Partnerships with local businesses for exclusive discounts
  • » Yearly smartphone reimbursement
  • » Participation in RTA/CTA Benefit Fare Program and Divvy Rideshare
  • » Frequent company-wide cultural events and activities
  • » Volunteer opportunities at local charities
  • » Generous charitable match
  • » Professional development opportunities
  • » Free or discounted passes to Red Frog events for friends and family

Travel Perks

  • » Lifestyle budget while traveling for Red Frog
  • » Personal usage of Red Frog’s travel discounts and ability to keep airline miles
  • » A chance to travel and see some of the country’s best landscapes!