Our Family
working is more fun with friends

Our Family

Red Frog remains strong and continues to thrive because of our awesome family and the values upon which it was built. The Red Frog family is comprised of people from a variety of backgrounds. At Camp Red Frog, our family works together, teaches each other daily, and strives to maintain the best work culture around! To contact a member of the Red Frog Family, please visit our contact page HERE.

Andrew Weber
Prince of Ferrets
Austin Hahn
Idea Guy
Carla Cregar
The Handler
Joe Reynolds
John Beck
Starting Quarterback
Jonathan Wayland
Broker of Bands
Joshua Reiniger
Lord of the Files
Molly Chernick
Benevolent Dictator
Ryan Kunkel
Master of Monkey Business
Scott Howard
Promoter of Possibilities
Shad Severance
Guru of Grub
Sheila Rinehart
Master of the Menu
Tim Provost
Sultan of Sweat
Tom Kita
Wizard of Web