Our Family
working is more fun with friends

Our Family

Red Frog remains strong and continues to thrive because of our awesome family and the values upon which it was built. The Red Frog family is comprised of people from a variety of backgrounds. At Camp Red Frog, our family works together, teaches each other daily, and strives to maintain the best work culture around! To contact a member of the Red Frog Family, please visit our contact page HERE.

Alex Yount
Foreman of Festivities
Alli Braun
The Issue Tissue
Amanda Hogue
Specialist of Spirit
Andrew Weber
Prince of Ferrets
Bill Guess
Leader of Logistics
Brad Koerner
Soul Scripter
Brandon Hubbard
Orchestrator of Operations
Brian Jahn
King of Cha-Ching
Bryan Sechrist
Constructor of Chaos
Caitlyn Kahan
Superstar of Style
Christiane Pheil
Tackler of Talent
Conor Fitzpatrick
Baron of Bills
Courtney Sutliff
Promoter of Passion
Derek Holland
Juggler of Justice
Emily Littlejohn
Headmaster of Heart
Gretchen Lent
Duchess of Details
Jacob Denault
Chairman of Chow
Jamie Dickens
Princess of Payments
Joe Reynolds
Jonathan Dye
Viceroy of Vittles
Jonathan Wayland
Broker of Bands
Joshua Mohr
Marshal of Multisport
Joshua Reiniger
Lord of the Files
Katelyn Boyle
Mischief Manager
Kayla Walsh
Trailblazer of treats
Kelly North
Master of Magic
Kristin Carey
Conductor of Commotion
Kristy Corcoran
Captain of Currency
Lauren Shield King
Broadcaster of Buzz
Lauren Summers
Shape Wrangler
Megan Gaseor
Caesar of Opportunities
Megan Marshall
Operator of Opportunity
Michael Coco
Admiral of Adrenaline
Michael Cox
The Style Guide
Nicole Boven
Director of Dreams
Robert Chaisson
Captain of Culinary
Robert Croisant
Architect of Amusement
Russell Podowski
Duke of Distribution
Ryan Jones
Zoo Keeper
Ryan Kunkel
Master of Monkey Business
Scott Howard
Promoter of Possibilities
Shad Severance
Guru of Grub
Sheila Rinehart
Master of the Menu
Steph Schwartz
Conjurer of Calmness
Stephanie Mezzano
Engineer of Excitement
Stephanie Schroeder
Honcho of Happiness
Suzi Berkich
Cardinal of Collaboration
Terry McMahon
MacGyver of Mayhem
Tim Heller
Ambassador of All Things Fun
Todd Saunders
Lobbyist of Laughter
Tom Kita
Wizard of Web